Floortec OVM JV now have

mega projects

for Post tensioing in Egypt.

Brief about OVM

OVM Middle East & North Africa is the technical & marketing operations arm of OVM International Ltd. in the MENA region; a leading product supplier, Solution provider and applicator in the field of post tensioning and other select construction technique.

OVM was among the first Chinese prestressing & multi-disciplinary engineering products manufacturer to be awarded the CE-marking, thus consequently allowed to offer its products & services across Europe and with no restrictions on the movement of its goods from one country to the other within the union. It operate under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999; covering quality management, environmental management, as well as occupational health & safety management practices.
OVM’s facilities are under continuous inspection and quality assurance routines from the world-recognized German classification and quality-monitoring entity; Germanischer Loyd.

OVM is deemed to be the 1st and the only non European

PT system to award the CE approval,

passing all the relevant

tests outlined in the ETAG 013


Floortec is a member of PSC group

Upon Floortec will to expand its business to cover the selling and application of post- tensioning systems (used for slabs, slab-on-grade, silos, tanks besides other specialized civil structures), and with OVM MENA being the service provider and regional supplier for OVM post-tensioning systems, materials, accessories, products & services; a specialized department within Floortec has been developed and dedicated for the exclusive supply and installation of post-tensioning systems-thus catering for the evermore challenging buildings-construction industry in Egypt. OVM MENA has pledged to fully backup Floortec with its expertise (both technically & commercially), along with the necessary know-how, technology transfer and year-round personnel training.

Floortec is a member of PSC group

Floortec & OVM MENA accordingly is able to offer its clients in the ever-growing Egyptian market the following privileges:
1. Value Engineering for alternative post-tensioning design.
2. Prompt product delivery and uninterrupted execution thanks to an adequate, continuously replenished stock of material & equipment besides all the necessary spare parts and accessories.
3. Supervision and quality assurance by local as well as internationally experienced personnel.

Floortec Quick Facts

During 20 years, more than 4 million m2 of concrete flooring were produced.

Floortec average annual rate is more than 250,000 m2 of concrete flooring were produced under the name of Floortec .

Floortec  average production rate per day is  3,000 m2.

Floortec is the sole agent for OVM Post Tensioning system at Egypt in the field of slabs, silos & tanks. Also Floortec is the sole agent for the swedish company ab lindec .

OVM Quick Facts

OVM operates under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999; covering quality management, environmental management and HSE.

OVM systems have been approved for implementation in many projects by: Dubai Municipality, Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Works, Saudi Ministry of Transport, Algerian Ministry of Public Works.

OVM has more than 50 years of experience

OVM participated in over 240 projects worldwide, of which 58 were in GCC countries, and 26 within the MENA region.