Protective Coatings Service

We believe that clean environment comes from clean floors. Floortec provides different types of high quality flooring coatings system for many different usages, weather its industrial, pharmaceutical, parking lots or any other industry, using the latest technology in application and precise testing equipment.


epoxy systems

Epoxy Painting Flooring System
(200-500 Microns)

High Performance Finishing That Is Designed Specifically For Floors Which Are Subjected To Low To Medium Mechanical And Chemical Attack Through Which We Prevent The Main Structure Body For Abrasion Or Corrosion.


  1. Solvent Free System.
  2. Solvent Base System.
  3. Water Base System.


Floor of Parking Lots In Buildings. Multiple Use For Facilities Such As ( Big Markets - Warehouses, Etc ).


Great Anti Abrasion.
High Chemical Resistance.
Beautiful Exterior.

Epoxy Multi-layers Flooring System
(600-1500 Microns)

Commonly used for in-doors Flooring for wetted areas (Anti-Slippage system) with heavy duty traffic with excellent noise control and antiskid function.


  1. One Layer (800-600 Microns) System.
  2. Two Layers (1500-1300 Microns) System.
  3. Anti- Slippage System For Ramps And Wetted Areas.


Packaging Areas.
Concrete Roads.
Manufacturing Lines.


High Abrasion Resistance
Noise Control.
Anti Slip

Epoxy Self-leveling Flooring System
(1.5- 4.0 mms)

Commonly used for dry working zone and for highly levelness flooring, requirements such as hospitals, medical plants, ..etc. Also used get Anti-abrasion high resistance which depending on the system thickness.


  1. Light Duty (1.5mm) System.
  2. Medium Duty (3.0mm) System.
  3. High Duty (4.0mm) System.

Epoxy Mortar Flooring System
(5.5 - 10.0 mms)

Commonly Used For Heavy Duty Working Zones, Such As Pedestrian Aisles, Garage Ramps, Breaking Areas For Cars, Etc. Also Used Get Anti-Abrasion High Resistance Which Depending On The System Thickness.


  1. Light Duty (5.0mm) System.
  2. Medium Duty (8.0mm) System.
  3. High Duty (10.0mm) System.

lithurin system

Floortec Presents Lithurin Exclusively With The Collaboration With Ablindec, Sweden Company Which Is The Most Famous Expert Worldwide In Concrete Flooring Surface Treatment.
Lithurin Is A Deeply Penetrating Fluid Hardening Agent That Binds And Seals The Surface Texture Of Concrete With A Well- Balanced Formula. The Formula Is A Well- Preserved Composition With Its Origins From The Early 1900, And Has Over The Years Been Refined Into Today’s Products.


1. Lithurin I & II S Hardener, Sealer And Dust Binder System.
2. Lithurin II S Dust Binder Or Combined Moisture Curing And Dust Binder System.
3. Lithurin I Outdoor Hardener System.
4. Lithurin I & Lithurin Wash Aesthetic Treatment For High Performance Concrete System.

Lithurin Is An Impregnator That Does Not Form A Surface Film (Penetrates). Lithurin Is Water Based And Does Not Change The Color Of Concrete. The Concrete Also Becomes Denser, Much More Resistant To Abrasion And More Resistant To Light Chemical Attacks. Lithurin Is Approved For Use In The Food Industry, Is Water-Repellent, Anti-Slipping And Makes Cleaning Easier.
Where to use Lithurin treatment?

Where To Use Lithurin Treatment?

1. Warehouses, Production And Distribution Centers.
2. Shops, Depots And Shopping Centers
3. Garages And Car Parks.
4. Airfields, Concrete Roads, Hangars And Harbor Areas.
5. Airports, Train Stations And Bus Terminals.
6. Storage Facilities And Basements Etc.